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Roosdom Tijhuis beseft meer dan ooit dat een tevreden bewoner de grootste succesfactor is voor elk te realiseren woonproject.
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The market demands customer-oriented housing that is quickly, flexibly and affordably translated into appealing results. Roosdom Tijhuis was one of the first developing builders in the Netherlands to specialize in conceptual housing. In order to strengthen this progressive position, management wants to be able to manage estimates of various housing concepts in a smart way and to interact with its customers in a customer-friendly way.



Because both organizations consider openness and transparency to be important values, steps and choices could be made quickly during various strategic sessions. The challenge was to present the further developed building method, based on standardized processes, as clearly as possible because, after all, homes are all tailor-made solutions. This was the biggest challenge in development.

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The specialists at i-Design have designed the unique Identis concept. An automated development and construction method in detail. Based on standardized processes and prefab construction techniques, but with anything but standard results. With Identis, we are working on tailor-made solutions that suit the environment, the neighborhood and especially the housing requirements of the target group.


Within the software developed, the employees of Roosdom Tijhuis:

  • Manage housing concept estimates.
  • Draw up a plan of unity and Opex per phase for (sub) projects based on different housing concepts.
  • Approve and publish phase documents with various target groups.
  • Check the completeness of the file by means of a clear checklist.


Manon Wools-PrumersManager Verkoop & Markt, Roosdom Tijhuis
"i-Design takes the lead and is always one step ahead of us. This confirms the progressive ideas they have so that we can focus on our own business without any worries"Our vision
Joost Tervelde
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