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Intelligent Floor Plan management tool

Adding real value to real estate, that is CBRE's ambition for its clients. i-Design developed an intelligent tool to make this ambition a reality.
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CBRE facilitates its clients extremely expertly in the field of real estate management. This increased the need for a clear management tool. A tool that is accessible everywhere and on various devices, whereby insight is obtained in one central place into spaces that are rented out within shopping centers. It was the wish to realize and implement this tool on a small scale in order to further develop this tool after the launch, based on the experiences gained.



During the strategic session with the management of CBRE, it quickly became apparent that in addition to ‘standard’ data, such as tenant details per room, there was a strong need for information about the lease, specific details of the room concerned, state of maintenance, information about vacancy and expiring leases.


The management wanted to be able to add various filters to the information, such as floor plans, in order to be able to make analyzes for management reports or to share this information with third parties.kk



The specialists at i-Design developed the intelligent floor plan management tool for CBRE. Smart software that provides insight into almost all data in one place. This prevents data, such as floor plans and tenant and real estate information, from being stored in different systems. In addition to ease of use, because everything is in one environment, working with outdated data is prevented. This creates speed and efficiency for all parties involved.

  • Commercial management for grip on occupation, rental, administration, contracts and relationship management.
  • Financial management with insightful reports, liquidity forecasts and VAT statements.
  • Technical Service Desk for maintenance, budgets and coordination for maintenance with (external) parties.
Intelligent management tool with direct insight into tenants, surfaces, vacancy, maintenance and expiring agreements. Everything in one place and accessible everywhere. This contributes to adding value to real estate. CBRE's ambition for its clients.Our vision
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