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Zorgeloos ondernemen met hét ondernemersportaal van Zelfstandigen Ondernemers door schaalbare applicatieontwikkeling.

Zelfstandig Ondernemers is hét vangnet voor ondernemers die arbeidsongeschikt raken, tijdelijk geen inkomen hebben of met pensioen gaan. Zelfstandig Ondernemers biedt haar deelnemers crowdsurance: een online vangnet, waarbij deelnemers onderling het risico op arbeidsongeschiktheid afdekken. i-Design heeft een uniek ondernemersportaal ontwikkeld, waarbij deelnemers 24/7 inzage hebben en zaken online kunnen regelen.
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Independent Entrepreneurs (Zelfstandig Ondernemers) offers its participants crowdsurance: an online safety net, whereby participants collectively cover the risk of those who are unable to work. Independent Entrepreneurs (Zelfstandig Ondernemers) is not an insurance coverage, but a large risk coverage collective. To ensure optimal facilities to our participants, i-Design solved the inquiry to design and build a 24/7 accessible portal where participants can arrange tasks online regarding their crowdsurance participation.



During the strategic sessions with Independent Entrepreneurs (Zelfstandig Ondernemers), the requirements and wishes became clear to the i-Design development team. After logging in, the participant must gain a visual insight into his or her personal safety net. For participants to immediately see the level of contribution, how many gifts have been received and what savings amount has been built up to date, it is necessary that various conjunctions with banks and pension provisions are established.

For example, if a participants’ pension is contracted with Brand New Day, there is direct insight if a surplus of the savings amount has been transferred to this pension provision.

Because the finances are arranged collectively with all entrepreneurs, ensuring transparency in how the Crowdsurance is realized, is an explicit wish from Independent Entrepreneurs.



Important data which was previously spread out across various applications, is now accessible to the entrepreneurs in this portal. All the important data collected in one place. This results into an increase in efficiency for the entrepreneur. Due to this portal, entrepreneurs can arrange most of their tasks themselves and this allows the Zelfstandig Ondernemers service desk to invest time into answering more substantive questions from participants. The application has been developed in such a way that it is scalable and can serve large numbers of customers. Without holding back on our clients’ application growth.

  • 24/7 access for participants to arrange tasks whenever it suits them;
  • All the important data collected and accessible in one place;
  • Always insight into the accumulated savings balance;
  • Insight into the amount of monthly donations;
  • Easily change or stop your own participation;
  • Insight into the course of the disability insurance;
  • Insight into the amount that has been transferred to the pension account.
i-Design does not develop but thinks along, that is the big difference. During critical, but fun sessions, we got the goal clear with this as the end product. Our participants are very satisfied with the portal and we with the service from i-Design. Even after completion, they continue to develop the portal and keep us sharp.Our vision
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