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A more efficient and realtime sales process for the salespeople of Wensink

Every day, many private individuals and companies can receive a used or new car at one of the Wensink locations. In order to manage this flow of cars in an orderly fashion, people want to be constantly informed at which location and in which phase of the preparation for sale the car is located in order to set up the process as efficiently and user-friendly as possible.
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Can i-Design develop an application in which the process of preparing cars for sale is facilitated, it is clear which phase of the process the car is in and the transport to and from the right locations is arranged.



By using the unique i-Design method, it quickly became apparent that there were several needs, such as better cooperation throughout the chain between Wensink and, for example, the bodyshop, driver and salesperson. With a number of strategic sessions, i-Design was able to give a presentation in which a solution was given to the initial question, but additional options could also be added to the tool.

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We developed a web-based Recon system application. Software that is built on the basis of our own development platform that is fully built in accordance with the latest development technology and of course meets the latest security requirements. In this application, the sales process can be organized as efficiently as possible by means of developed algorithms. Due to these algorithms, the process is continuously developing. The system gets smarter every day.

A workflow was then added in which the entire chain, from salesperson, bodyshop, cleaner to driver, can communicate with each other in an accessible and single environment. The Wensink salesperson can follow the process in real time via his iPad, has insight into how long the process takes and can see where bottlenecks are based on reports and then optimize this at a strategic level. The old measure is knowledge still applies.

"In addition to better monitoring the duration of the sales process, we now have insight into the entire chain with external cooperation partners. Only then will software really provide benefits for your customer."Our vision
Joost Tervelde
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