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The mission of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is 'To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life
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Important population screenings are carried out within WUR. As a leading party in this world, it has developed research methods in collaboration with TNO and RIVM to ask participants the right questions and measure results for specific issues in the field of nutrition. For example, unique calculations have been developed that calculate the nutritional intake at the nutrient level. The challenge was that no software is available in which the research is requested in the right way and the methodology is applied correctly in order to subsequently process and analyze this data. That is why the question was put to the specialists of i-Design whether they could develop custom software for this.



Together with the professors of WUR, who developed the research methods, the detailed wishes were discussed during several strategic sessions so that the specialists of i-Design could translate this into software in order to present the important data in a clear manner and also the quality thereof. could guarantee. After all, the results are used to make important decisions in the field of national and international nutrition studies.


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i-Design developed the FFQ tool and Compl-eat tool for WUR. Both tools can ask participants on the basis of their own methodology. Whether by telephone, digitally or during a physical examination in, for example, an academic hospital. Data from research questions that are asked daily by hospitals, companies or government flow into the custom software so that the professors can research this data in a unique way and make important decisions from it.

"Unique data with which important national and international nutritional decisions are made on a daily basis"Our vision
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