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Process optimization

Are there processes in your organization that could be more efficient? Undoubtedly. Software can play a major role in this. By creating smart links or implementing your own applications, a business process can offer more value to your objectives. We would be happy to help you identify those processes and advise you on the possibilities.
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Why process optimization?

By understanding your business case, getting to know your organization and asking the right questions, we can identify the different business processes from our knowledge and experience. In which processes can smart software play a role? How do we deal with architectural issues? Is data stored in accordance with legislation and not unnecessarily in various systems? Can we integrate data that is available with already developed API’s? We will work with you on these types of issues.


How i-Design helps you optimize your processes?

We start from your organization and the added value that process optimization can offer. We can often tell you in advance when you will have earned back your investment. Because process optimization not only ensures efficiency and quality improvement: it also often results in attractive cost savings. An example of this is to take stock of which software can be linked together so that you then work from a single system and environment in which you can manage all the information. The information is always up-to-date because the various links ensure that systems and data sources communicate with each other.


However, the specialists at i-Design look further. Because only user-friendly software that can be implemented easily will make an impact on your crucial business. That is why we include aspects such as culture change and implementation issues of the end users to make it a success.

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