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Maintenance and support

A maintenance & support contract gives your organization the guarantee that we are available during office hours for questions and malfunctions, so that we can offer you the optimal continuity in performance. It also offers you the guarantee that your software runs with the latest updates.
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Why maintenance & support?

This service makes i-Design unique. After successful delivery of our custom software, it is important to stay up-to-date and to create certainty in quality, risks, performance, but of course also in finance. Therefore we offer a standard maintenance & support agreement. The investment is a fixed percentage of the value of your software. So there is clarity in advance about the amount of this investment.


Is the latest iPhone coming out? We’ll make sure your software keeps running. Have you discovered a new security hole? We’ll fix it for you with as little inconvenience as possible. Do you have a practical question? We will answer it by phone.


Maintenance & support for your organization

In our high-tech monitor center, our support team keeps an eye on all of your organization’s software and performance. In the event of escalations and malfunctions, we often spot them faster than your own employees. In addition, we periodically update software components and perform security and performance checks. Our specialists will provide you with an annual security scan and advice on how to guarantee the security and continuity of your software.


You have no worries but you do have control. Every quarter, your regular contact person informs you through transparent and understandable reports about the work done. Through proactive communication, everyone is informed and we can make timely adjustments. In this way you are also ‘in control’ and can confidently focus on other tasks.

Benefits of maintenance & support
Maintenance of the software


Implementation of technical and security updates and upgrades

Support with questions or problems

Fixed point of contact

Subscription can be canceled after payment per month

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