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Sustainable education, flexible childcare, municipalities, government agencies and the complex health care system are impossible to imagine our society without. In the social sector more and more is asked of organizations based on self-reliance, sustainability and making your organization or institution future-proof. It is impossible to imagine life without technology and it plays an increasingly important role.
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What we do within the social sector

We provide the right link between all social partners with smart software. A database where it is guaranteed that information from people or the process is available at all times. This is crucial, as is the quality and different roles and rights in your software. We ensure that privacy is guaranteed and personal data is stored safely and verifiably. Because of our extensive experience in the social sector, we develop a lot according to the CommonGround architecture. Especially for this, i-Design has developed a Headless CMS database. With confidence we can also call ourselves specialists in the social sector.

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Our visionThe proper and central recording of data is crucial in the social sector. Shortages and an aging population are threatening a loss of knowledge and there is an increasing need for a central customer view.Our vision

How software can help you

Custom software can play an important role in communicating with parents, staff and volunteers. The latter two are scarce resources and it is becoming increasingly important to be able to do the same work with fewer people. Then it’s nice to be able to fall back on stable software that, for example, based on the sales, automatically arranges your purchases with your suppliers. Or software that ensures that you can quickly communicate with students from a particular group, because the right links have been made. But smart software can also play an important role in, for example, the purchase of medication, the safeguarding of sensitive information and access to patient data.

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